Foundations of Physics and Chemistry 6th Grade

Foundations of Physics and Chemistry is a study of the basic concepts of physical science, as well as chemistry.  This course includes learning in the areas of matter and its interactions, motion (forces and interactions), energy, and waves. This course will focus on developing understanding of the scientific practices of creating and using models, planning and conducting investigations, analyzing and interpreting data, using mathematical/computational thinking, and constructing scientific explanations for things that take place in the physical world.

Introduction to Biology 7th Grade

This course is an introduction to cell biology, genetics, evolution, microbiology, ecology, and the human body. There is a strong emphasis on problem solving, research, experimental design and other skills to mirror the practices of professional scientists.

Earth and Space Science 8th Grade

Earth and Space Science is a study of geology, meteorology, astronomy, and hydrology (water systems). The course is organized around the concept that science is a body of knowledge as well as an investigative process. Science and engineering skills are emphasized to mirror the practices of engineers and scientists in the fields of earth and space research.