Family and Consumer Science

Family and Consumer Science Grade 6 (Encore)

Nutritious foods CAN taste great!  You will have opportunities to participate in food labs to enhance your culinary skills. What do fun, healthy, and economical meals look like for you? You will also be exploring the world of child development and early literacy. Finally, you will learn how to safely care for and relate to young children

Food Company Incorporated Grade 7 (Elective)

Are you a Foodie? Would you like to compete in a “Cupcake Wars” competition?  Then this is the class for you! You and your team will create the ultimate business plan including an advertising campaign and nutrition label. The finale includes” Opening Day” for your food company and invited customers. Smoothies anyone?

Food Science and Global Cuisine Grade 8 (Elective)

Food experiments that you can eat; the kitchen becomes a laboratory!  Join us as we investigate the chemistry of foods we eat. In addition to studying food science, our global travels will explore  how the world eats and lives. Cultural food labs and demonstrations will take your taste buds to a new level. Finally, this course will  help you jumpstart your consumer independence.