Computer Technology

Tech and Design Thinking 6th Grade Encore

Technology and Design Thinking (TDT), is a course where the focus is solving problems while encouraging positive risk-taking, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity accompanied by the use of digital tools and applications. Many of the challenges and assessments of the course are centered around using the design thinking process.

Multimedia Mashup 7th Grade Elective

Gaming, videos, pictures, music, oh my!  If you’re interested in having fun and being creative, this class is for you.  You will learn many ways to use multimedia resources online or offline to get your point across in the best way possible while using these resources safely and appropriately.

Introduction to Computer Science 8th Grade Elective

The goal of ICS is to introduce students to coding and build students’ ability to break apart a problem and persistently build solutions in small steps. Student creativity, collaboration, and an iterative design process are emphasized. Students work with MIT App Inventor to create basic apps that rely on the concepts of event-driven programming, branching and iteration, variables, and abstraction – the building blocks of creating with code. Ethical and safe behavior on the Internet is developed as well.  Text-based programming is introduced with HTML.