Intro to Art (Encore)

This class will focus on exposing students to multiple studio procedures and practices through several units related to various points of world history and culture. Projects will include a wide array of media and artistic techniques.

In our changing fast-paced world of technology the visual arts have also evolved. The students will receive a brief digital arts experience that focuses on graphic design.. The goal at the end of the semester is for students to have a well-rounded art experience and to have an introduction to the rest of the elective art choices in middle school and beyond.

Weird and Wacky Art Grade 7 (Elective)

Find out about many of the fun, crazy, and famous artworks from around the world and throughout history. This is a class for those students who can get into the “believe it or not” of art creation. Projects will include some of your own unusual art using clay, paint, drawing, papier mache, printmaking, and collage.

Studio Art and Animation Grade 8 (Elective)

This class will introduce you to the business world of the visual arts.  Commercial arts includes any artwork created to promote the sale or acceptance of products or services.  All of us are around advertising, animation, and digital design every day and often we don’t even notice.  Students will learn the skills necessary to create digital artwork, stop motion films and focus on art creation for a commercial purpose.

 There is more to the business world of art than graphic design.  Learner’s will also explore the studio arts while creating projects by hand using traditional materials.  Projects may include: graphic illustration, product design, stop motion, logo design, portraiture, photography, ceramics, and animation.