Integrated Arts Academy

Integrated Arts Academy

Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

This program provides learners a small, safe, student centered school that is academically rigorous; prepares young adults for college and integrates arts into the curriculum. Young people need a rigorous education relevant to their lives and challenging to their imagination. Students will engage in their work, learn the things they need to know, and meet the district’s academic standards. Our focus on artistic expression will help students look toward what is possible for themselves/community. In addition to daytime studies, students can earn credit through independent study, work experience, service learning, extended semester credit recovery and night school. Parent permission is required.  Classes held at IAA at 11 Peavey Road in Chaska.


Grade: 11, 12
Prerequisite: Minimum of 1 foods class
Length: 1-2 Semesters

ProStart is a unique culinary arts class combining theoretical knowledge and practical skill development.  It stretches students to participate in cooperative teamwork through co-curricular events and competitions.  ProStart was developed by industry experts and incorporates community partnerships and chef mentorships.  With elevated technical skills, students will push their creativity to new limits through recipe development, artistic plating, and authentic audience feedback.  College scholarships are also available for qualified ProStart students.